Belonging Speech Peter Skrzynecki Essay

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Good afternoon Narelle and fellow students. Today, I'd like to take a moment and use your imagination. Imagine, if you will, a life where you had no one else to rely on; what if there were no family, no friends and no place called home? How would you deal with life if you were spending it alone with no comfort? Would you be different from yourselves today? The concept of belonging is, and always has been crucial for human survival as this experience forges our individual human identity and allow it to flourish. We as human beings are deeply social creatures and social isolation is exceedingly threatening to our wellbeing. Today, I'd like to portray the relationship between belonging and self identity through the poem Immigrant Chronicles by Peter Skrzynecki and the graphic novel The Arrival by Shaun Tan. In 10 Mary Street, self identity is forged through the literal and psychological symbol; the house. The house signifies the Skrzynecki's search for security and safety and serves as a refuge from the new and unaccustomed environment. This is exemplified by the poet's use of line "Like a well oiled lock" juxtaposed with the line "around the factory... always burning down." The lock conveys a symbol of security and affection from the house whereas work and school is regarded to be located around a "hell-like" surrounding. The house integrates into Skrzyneckis' self identity as it develops into the source of refuge from the unaccustomed new world, connecting the family to the place not only physically but emotionally. However, the poet reveals that the family invests too much in its importance and the personification of the house's 'China blue coat' reveals its fragility and that nature to belonging to a place is only temporary. Peter Skrzynecki recognises the position of vulnerability the family are in at the hand of their rigidity and exposes the dangers of

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