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paragraph 1 Introduction Good morning/Afternoon teachers and students. What is belonging? Belonging to me is life, a journey that everyone must participate. Society is an interwoven tapestry where the desire to belong is a fundamental need. The concept belonging means to be usually or rightly placed, to have the proper social qualifications with a relationship or affinity with someone or something. Our society based on family, kinship and our connection with a particular place makes us what we are indirect our interaction with others. Pain can be felt when being torn between two cultures. This concept of belonging is explored in Richard Beynon's play "The Shifting Heart" and Peter Dodds McCormick' song "Advance Australia Fair". The themes I will be discussing are Racism and Conflict. The Shifting Heart. An Italian family, the Bianchis, consisting of Maria, her Momma and Poppa and younger brother- Gino, tries to adapt in Collingwood, Australia, during the post World War II immigration boom in 1950s . They live with Maria’s Australian husband, Clarry Fowler who too undergoes cultural prejudice. For example, Mr. Wilson who works at the shop, thinks it is funny to call Mrs. Bianchi, "Momma Macaroni". This sees it as discrimination and it is an insult and unfairness. The main theme is clear and straightforward. Beynon wants the reader to recognize that racism exist. However, this play reveals that the attitudes in today's Australia towards migrants have changed significantly. There are more migrants in Australia compared to back in the 1950s. The Shifting Heart relies not on the shocking fact of discrimination for its key importance, but on its nearly human household problem how to maintain cohesion and unity in a family beset by tensions, whether outside or inside. Paragraph 2 Theme Racism Racism in the play is obvious in some situations that happen within The

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