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Belonging Speech ‘Belonging is difficult because often there are barriers in place to prevent it.’ That is the quote that I’m here to address today to you, possibly to help your HSC studies in English. Belonging is a fundamental element of human life. From both physical and emotional benefits there can be significant impacts and repercussions for those that do not belong and for various reasons. There are many forms of belonging in ‘The Crucible’ and thus many barriers. Abigail, for her own purposes, manipulates the truth to form the barriers for others, such as Sarah Good and Goody Osburn, to belong. The barrier put in place by Abigail will remain regardless of what is done as the hysteria and obsession with people that have strayed from God and turned to Lucifer in Salem was beyond stopping. This barrier created by Abigail fuelled the rest of the society to point their finger at the people they have grudges against, and without adequate proof, the people accused were robbed of their status of belonging. That made their belonging extremely difficult as they became outcasts of Salem because they are believed to be ‘with the Devil’. Abigail is also the cause of the crack in John Proctor and his wife’s relationship. Elizabeth and John’s sense of belonging to each other through marriage has been compromised by Abigail and her irrational wants. She drives her wedge between the two of them, accusing Elizabeth of witchcraft. Her plot to kill Goody Proctor to be with her husband is a major barrier to Elizabeth and John’s belonging. ‘Abigail’s repetition of, ‘you love me and whatever sin it is, you’ll love me yet!’ Abigail taunts John in an attempt to lure him back into a relationship with her. She plans her schemes carefully and to hopefully remove Elizabeth from the picture. ‘There is a promise made in every bed’, Elizabeth tells John, she knows Abigail wants

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