Belonging in Brick Lane and as You Like It

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‘The path to belonging can be more difficult and hazardous for some than others’ To what extent to your prescribed and at least one related represent this perspective on belonging? The path to belonging is one that mankind commits to endlessly follow as they wind in and out of different walks of life, endeavoring to stumble across an inner identity that will allow them to belong to who they are alongside a link in relating to others whether it be through job, interests, race or religion. One does not know however, the elements of difficulty that they may well rear heads with in their attempt to gain the overwhelming sense that is to belong. William Shakespeare’s As You Like It and Sarah Gavron’s Brick Lane explore how place, perception and values are just a life shaping factors that can prove hazardous along ones plight to belong. A sense of belonging can be easily achieved based on our relationships with the people around us. It is these bonds that bring out our true emotions and character and shape who we are and who we feel comfortable being. As You Like It features the relationship between Rosalind and Orlando; one of instant love and admiration for each other and so we see the idea of fate; However although it may start out simple, hazards arise as the plot unfolds and we see Rosalind forced to pose as a male. Out of Orlando’s sheer lust and infatuation for Rosalind he simply cannot be complacent until he is reunited with his one true love he states ‘to you I give myself for I am yours’ introducing a physical ownership and belonging to one another. Similarly Brick Lane looks at how Nanzeen feels as though she belongs when she takes part in an affair, a relationship with obvious difficulties. Her longing to belong is so dire that she ignores the expectations of society and of her family and chooses to be with a man that allows her to conclude that ‘there are
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