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Belonging is a process or journey undertaken subconsciously by an individual to find a sense of connectedness and place within the world. Although people have an automatic desire to belong, there are often barriers, both physical and metaphorical, that can prevent one from belonging. This concept is central throughout Melina Marchetta’s, “Looking for Alibrandi,” Tim Winton’s, “Neighbours” and Gurinder Chadha’s, “Bend It like Beckham.” Just like the three texts, this visual representation will eventually demonstrate how the obstacles of belonging can be overcome over a period of time. Marchetta’s novel, Looking for Alibrandi, follows the personal story of a young, teenage, Italian, school girl living in a contemporary Australian society, Josephine. It explores Josie’s social struggle to fit in with the crowd while also learning to accept her strict cultural heritage. Being a quirky teenager is hard enough in a posh catholic school, let alone throwing her crazy yet poor Italian family into the mix. At the beginning of the text, Marchetta illustrates how barriers of belonging are established due to cultural differences and is demonstrated through the contrasting relationships between all the diverse characters in the novel. Initially, Josie uses a negative tone when admitting she was a ‘leftover’ in year 7 after everyone started to choose their new friends. With the cleaver use of that particular flash back, Marchetta is allowing the audience to better understand Josie’s history. It represents her lack of connectedness and highlights her rejection, not only from the kids at school, but also herself. Furthermore, Marchetta demonstrates Josie’s struggle to fit in due to her culture through the accumulative listing of negative adjectives exclaimed at Josie by the nasty girl at school such as ‘filthy, dirty wog.’ As the text progresses, we discover a new-found

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