Belonging Essay (Peter Skrzynecki)

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"Explore how perceptions of belonging and not belonging can be influenced by connections to places." Through connection to place and past decisions an individual makes, they hold importance in the determining of their sense of self, ultimately either shaping their sense of belonging or not belonging. Ancestors and Postcard by Peter Skrzynecki both demonstrate how the persona's choice to not conform and accept their spiritual connection to place ultimately contributes to molding their identity, as well as emphasise how they don't belong. Similarly, 'On the Way Home' by Bruce Dawe also explains how the decision to not conform can actually enhance one's sense of belonging, as well as how the awareness of the larger world can shape an individual's sense of self. Hence, an individuals' approach towards belonging is shaped by the decisions made in the past, ultimately determining their sense of self. In 'Ancestors', Peter Skrzynecki demonstrates how persona's choice to not conform deterred their sense of cultural belonging but strengthened his identity. The persona, however, still feels remorseful for his choice to not conform, as the shadows that hang over you' suggests that the persona feels regret and guilt for not choosing the same path as his predecessors. The use of 'you' also provokes empathy from the reader as though the persona is still looking for the approval from the reader that they chose the right path. The second stanza begins with 'What secrets do they whisper into the darkness?' The questioning combined with a hyphen suggests urgency to the persona's need for his questions to be answered, as well as reveal his train of thought, that he has many more questions to ask about who they want him to be, against his own choice of who they want him to be. Bruce Dawe explores how the awareness of the larger world can enhance an individual's sense of
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