Belonging And Identity Essay (With Example From Ud

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We change our actions and behaviour according to the people around us, but our identity remains the same no matter what situation we are in. We live our lives through many different situations, we live with our family, we spend time with our friends, we are taught by authority figures and we take care of those who are younger than us. We cannot be expected to behave the same way around our family, as we do teachers and bosses. We cannot communicate the same way with our friends, as we do with those younger than us. Our sense of self remains the same, but we have to adjust our behaviours and actions to suit those around us. A persons cultural, social and economic status impacts largely on our identity, sense of belonging and drives our decisions and attitudes. Compare two girls, one who might live, surrounded by extreme poverty. She would be more knowledgeable and have more empathy and concern for others as she would be exposed to a harsh world of reality, and would see the hardships that many have to face. The other girl, who might live in a wealthy, comfortable household, would not have the same level of knowledge or experience, or the same intellect when it comes to sympathy or empathy. This is would not mean that the second girl is not kind or moral; she simply wouldn’t have been exposed to that sort of situation before and therefore may come across unaware. Where you live and the situation you are living in may largely affect the way you behave and the traits you betray, but it will essentially not change what is inside you and how you would behave to things that you haven’t been exposed to before. They way you look and they way you present yourself is one way people show their identity. Many people in this world use the way they dress as a way of showing their ‘true colours’, it is a form of self expression. Often if a person has a big personality they will

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