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Good morning/afternoon fellow students and teachers today I will be explaining how an individual’s sense of belonging will be determined by external forces. An individual’s perception of external forces creates a sense of whether they belong or not. But in other cases external forces can decide a person’s sense of belonging. These forces are shown in the texts “Coraline” by Neil Gaiman and illustrated by P. Craig Russell and “municipal gum” by Oodgeroo Noonuccal. In the graphic novel “Coraline”, Coraline didn’t have much of a good relationship with her parents as her parents were always working and had no time for her, Coraline didn’t feel the sense of belonging in her own home and her family, this lack of relationships lead to Coraline discovering the other world and the other mother. When first encountering the other mother and the other world. The relationship between Coraline and the other mother wasn’t so strong this is shown on page 31 where the other mother leans over to Coraline and Coraline leans back this shows that Coraline still doesn’t trust her as she still doesn’t know what she is. Throughout the book the relationship between Coraline and the other mother gets worse as Coraline experiences the evil within the other mother by knowing that she has captured her real parents. When Coraline entered the other world she met up with a black cat, this cat was symbolic with loneliness as Coraline was the only real person in the other world, the black cat also symbolises bad luck and danger as its colour is black Throughout the graphic novel, the other mother and Coraline had bad relationship and Coraline experienced how evil the other mother can be, as Coraline’s perceptions changed towards the other mother her attitudes changed with it. On page 88 and 89, we can see that the other mother is offering Coraline a beetle as a snack and

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