Belonging Essay

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‘The passing of time, the passing of mine’ by Natalie Isakov, and ‘A sense of Belonging’ by Sylvia Mortoza explore Belonging through concepts such as Belonging to a person, Belonging to place, and belonging throughout time. In Isakov’s text, the composer is shown to belong to a person, firstly through the inclusive language associated with the involved parties, such as “we were together”, and possessive language implemented by the author in “you were taken from me, and part of me died”; the inclusive and possessive language alludes to a sense of belonging between the two parties. The metaphor of light representing the author’s love denotes his importance in her life; and the isolation brought by the absence of light in the latter stages of the text removes the belonging that the composer once felt, instilling a sense of isolation. Similarly, in ‘A sense of belonging’, Mortoza’s is shown to belong to the Queen. The belonging in this piece is alluded to through the romanticized exaggeration of the Queen’s features, showing the authors adoration. In addition, the repetition of “being British is vitally important to me; and the monarch is the centre of that” not only accentuates the sense of identity that the composer affiliates with Britain and the British, but praises the Queen as the centre of Britain herself; owing his identity, and ability to belong, to her. Lastly, the metaphor of those who don’t identity with Britain as being “pieces of flotsam, floating in a torrential sea” shows that their lack of direction is juxtaposed to Mortoza’s firm sense of place and identity due to their non-allegiance to the Queen. Belonging as an aspect of time is explored throughout Isakov’s text, with the seasons of the year metaphorically representing different stages of a relationship between the two personas; as time progresses, the level of belonging in the relationship
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