Belonging Essay

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Skye taps the button to illuminate the screen. Another two hours before she commences her morning routine. She closes her eyes to try to obtain as much rest needed for a new day. She can‟t sleep. The faint drums of the distant construction work passes by her window and the frequent beams of headlights spotlight the photos delicately placed on the wall. She tosses to face the other side where two little girls in their first school uniform smile cheerfully back at her. She remembers her very first. Zipping up the checkered navy blue dress and learning to tie those shoelaces seemed like an eternity ago. Here are the rabbit’s ears and the rabbit goes around and out the other side. She never understood clearly the concept of shoe tying rather preferring the Velcro straps. She lied flat on her back and sealed her eyelids. She remembers the transition into high school. The very first day was the same blur of anxiety and excitement. She adored her school uniform even though it was monochromic blue and white. Her pleated skirt did not match her blouse but she felt most comfortable. It was like her second skin. On the weekends she would prefer to wear her school jumper than any other woolen pullover in her selection of garments. On the day of exam, Skye had a lucky shirt that she would wear which brought her good luck. The shirt with navy streaks was rarely washed meaning it kept its charm. Without the blouse she had refused to go to school. After searching her closet and interrogating her sister, she finally found it in the wash basket. Luckily her mum hadn‟t washed it. To Skye, what she wears, her uniform is very important to herEvery stain, every mark on her blouse or skirt is a reminder of her memories. The marks that not even bleach can wash away were the ones that transferred her to the time and place of creationThe alarm finally rings. She lazily gets out of bed,

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