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Good morning Mr. Jenkins and class. Today we have been asked to discuss the concept of belonging or not belonging in comparison to the poems we have studied in class over the past couple of weeks. I have chosen to discuss both conepts in accordance to the poems Feliks Skryznecki and St. Patricks College, both by Peter Skryznecki, in relation to the songs“Beds are burning” by Midnight Oil and “Creep” by Radiohead. The concept of belonging, can be described in two ways: 1. To be the property of, And 2. To feel as though you are connected to or are a part of something either individually, within a group, community, society, or internationally. Both of Peter Skryzneckis poems Feliks Skryznecki and St. Patricks College entail concepts of belonging and not belonging in various ways. In the first stanza of Feliks Skryznecki, the audience is made aware that Feliks father is very comfortable in his garden, and in a sense, he belongs there. This is made obvious through the use of the quote “loved his garden like an only child.” In St. Patricks College, Peter’s Mother enrols him in a Christian school, in a mission to conform and fit in to Australian society. Peters Mother is so driven by her desire for her and her son to belong, that she completely disregards the fees and expenses. This shows that Peters Mother, just like Feliks father, is happy in her area; they belong there. Beds are Burning discusses why we as a nation should give different Aboriginal tribes their land back. In the two poems I mentioned previously, the characters (apart from Peter in St.Patricks College) are happy in their area, because they belong there. As a result of our ancestors taking over what was originally Aboriginal territory, particularly those from the desert, the Aboriginals have been made unhappy as their sense of belonging has been terminated. In the first chorus, the quote

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