Belonging Essay

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Exploring the concept and significance of belonging broadens and deepens an individual’s understanding of themselves and their world and others by the by introducing the individual to different kinds of belonging such as belonging to a place, friendship group, family or thing, or being ostracized, being ostracized due to irreconcilable differences, cultural barriers, or simply just choosing not to belong. Texts such as Peter Skrzynecki’s poems “St Patrick’s College” and “10 Mary Street “ and Jodi Picout’s novel “Nineteen Minutes” all demonstrate different aspects of belonging that can assist individuals in further deepening their understanding of belonging. Not belonging is a common theme among Skrzynecki’s poems, can be used as a prime tool to expand one's understanding of themselves. This theme reoccurs in the poem “St Patricks College”. The persona attended the school for “8 years”, however, the school was chosen by his mother based on the uniform, in lieu of suitability. Upon entering the school, them, persona describes a statue of Mary, with "outstretched arms" . The personification if e statue and the use of religious imagery at first, suggests to the reader that this is a sign of welcoming, inclusion and warmth, however, this view is soon cancelled out by ominous imagery and tone, when "her face [is] overshadowed by clouds". This contrasting image cancels out the warm and welcoming tone and shifts it to one of anxiety and displacement, and assists the reader in relating their own experiences of entering a new strange place in order to better understand the persona's feelings of estrangement. Further tones of isolation can be identified throughout the poem by the reader due to the persona's word choice. The persona does not use any inclusive language in the poem, the persona appears to be alone the entire time, even when speaking of playing games such

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