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Belonging is being accepted by other for who are including your flaws It’s living in a place and feeling safe and comfortable in your surroundings. An individual’s interaction with others and the world enrich or, limit their experience of belonging. As evident in Peter Skrzyneckis poems 10 Mary Street and St Patricks College and the film Juno by Jason Reitman and show an individual’s belonging and not belonging within their community. 10 Mary Street and Saint Patrick’s College from Peter Skrzyneckis’ Immigrant chronicle and ‘Juno’ directed by Jason Reitman all show similar elements of belonging and not belonging. St Patricks College talks about Skrzynecki feeling alienated in his own school just as Juno felt. Migrants often experience a process of alienation and exclusion whilst starting at a new school in their new country. The simile ‘Caught the 414 bus like a foreign tourist’ highlights Skrzyneckis alienation and detachments to his school mates and shows how he thinks of himself as an outsider. Usually when someone was reminiscing about their school life they would refer to friends and even teachers but Skrzynecki refers to none of these things and repeats ‘For eight years’ when referring to how long her stayed highlighting that it was a long drawn out time for him. Throughout the poem sarcasm is used to show how he doesn’t feel privileged to be going to a private school that his mother so desperately wanted him to go to. He also refers to his Mum as Mother which is very detached and informal and highlights how much he does not agree with his mother’s choices stating ‘wanting only “what was best” but he feels as if she only sends him there as she is image conscious. 10 Mary Street talks about Skrzyneckis’ home where he grew up, the whole poem is written in a reflective tone. The first stanza in written in fragmented sentences like a step by step daily

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