Belonging Essay

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A strong sense of belonging and affinity can be seen as the result of one’s collaboration and interaction with the world. This notion can intensely enhance and impact a feeling of cultural acceptance and understanding with each individuals knowledge of belonging, and how in response influences their overall contact with the world; this concept can be seen in Peter Skryznecki’s ‘Migrant Hostel’ and ’10 Mary Street’ where an influence of connectedness with place and people is explored. These poems shape and structure the Migrant experience for Peter Skryznecki and as a result highlight his understanding of the world. ‘Where The Wild Things Are’ produced by Spike Jonze and adapted from Maurice Sendak’s book ‘Where The Wild Things Are’, additionally explores these notions of belonging and how inner emotions can alter ones perception and sentiment to the world. An understanding of an individual’s state of belonging can be seen as a result of the interaction that they develop with the world. This feeling is achieved when a cultivation of in depth emotion is established and accepted. This can also be seen when there is a constant source of identity relating to people and place, and conversely if stripped of these areas of belonging a prolonged feeling of alienation and displacement can be hindered. One’s acceptance to the concept of belonging is a fundamental requirement, which can be formed from the connections made with people. Peter Skryznecki’s ‘10 Mary Street’ establishes the importance in offering, security and an acceptance of family, through the interaction and communication with people. Within this poem Skryznecki expresses the complex notion of belonging by establishing his relationship with his parents, and the disconnections felt when not with them. Through the use of repetition of ‘For nineteen years’ and the inclusive language in ‘we lived together’

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