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BELONGING ESSAY: Romulus My Father and related texts Lucy Hough Essential to gaining a sense of belonging is the decision to accept, and establish a connection to place, enhancing ones understanding. Gaining a sense of belonging through understanding of the natural world is explored by Raimond Gaita, in the memoir of his father; Romulus, My Father, (RMF) and David Malouf’s novella, An Imaginary Life, (AIL). The sense of belonging to place is further supported in Dorothea Mackellar’s poem My Country. Acceptance of a place in order to develop an understanding is essential in gaining a sense of belonging. Evidenced in the memoir, Romulus is disconnected to the Australian environment due to his lack of will to accept. He compares the Australian landscape to the ‘generous and soft European foliage,’ he is familiar with, and sees the dry, ‘scraggy’ desert environment of Australia as ‘symbols of deprivation and bareness.’ Descriptive language and imagery creates vivid contrasting images, complimenting the lush greenery typical of a European landscape. The reader resonates with Romulus’ isolation in the unfamiliar environment, encouraging the responder to draw on similar personal experiences. Raimond has absorbed his fathers’ attitude to the countryside, and without an understanding of the land, he feels disconnected, lacking a sense of belonging to place. However, Raimond’s perspective of the Australian landscape transforms as he accepts the unfamiliar, and shifts towards developing an understanding and gaining a sense of belonging to place: ‘The scraggy shapes and sparse foliage actually became the foci for my sense of its beauty’. The softening tone of sibilance imitates the peaceful sounds of twilight in the scene, reflecting his acceptance and understanding of the land. Pathetic fallacy in the serenety of the twilight atmosphere is used by Gaita to further

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