Bella Flace Gave a Party

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I really like "Bella Fleace Gave a Party". The prose style is truly wonderful. It is set in Ballingar in Ireland in the 1920s or so. It is after a time of troubles in Ireland but you do not have to know any history to appreciate it. (It has the feel in some ways of one of Kate Chopin's stories about the days after the civil war in the American South but is better written). Bella Fleace is all alone in her great manors house. Her family is either all dead or think about her only when they wonder when she will finally die so they can inherit from her (she is 80). Her servants have an easy life as she does not really observe what a state of disrepair her house has fallen into as she rarely leaves her room. Somehow Bella gets the idea she should throw a huge grand society party. This idea completely energizes her and clears 30 years of cobwebs from her mind. Soon the old mansion is full of activity. Seven extra staff are hired to get the house back in shape and prepare for the party. She begins to put a lot of thought into who to invite and at least as important, who to fail to invite because they simply are not high enough in society. The day of the party finally comes. Beautiful invitations have been prepared for delivery. (Beyond this point I will relay the conclusion of the story. It is a surprise ending type of story but I see few people as really being able to read this story.) The night of the big party comes, Bella is dressed so perfectly, the house is wonderful and awesome food and drinks for 100 people are at the ready. Two hours past the start time and Bella is in despair as no one has come then she is so happy when the first guests arrive. But wait, the guests are undesirable types who may have money but lack breeding. Bella has no choice (in fact she loves it) but to tell her butler that she is not
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