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Fashion: Bell Bottoms You might look at them now and wonder how on earth they got popular, but bell-bottoms were initially designed for naval personnel. They were designed to flare out at the bottom so that it was easy for sailors to take off their boots in emergency situations. The pants then started to get popular as more and more celebrities like James Brown started wearing them during their performances. Hippies also took a great interest in bell-bottoms because they were so unlike what their parents and regular society wore. In many parts of the USA bell-bottoms were unattainable because they came across as too much of a fashion statement, so many of the country’s youth would split their jeans at the bottom and sewing in a triangular panel. The bell-bottom style started off being strictly denim but then emerged to polyester and corduroy fabrics. Bell-bottom pants were a big part of the youth-oriented hippie generation; they also made a big comeback in the 1990’s as other generations followed in their parent’s footsteps. Collectives: Slinkys The Slinky™ originated from James’ experience as a shipbuilder when a coil spring he was working with fell off of a shelf and began to gyrate and make slithering movements as it moved across the floor. He then thought this would be a good idea for a toy, so he started to market and produce it. He tried it out at the first toy store and they sold out immediately. So he decided he would market it to other stores as well. He put it out during Christmas season and they were selling so quickly he barley had enough to go around. The Slinky was made of an 87 foot piece of wire, three inches in diameter and two inches high when flattened. But it could do plenty of tricks, one of the all time favorites was it going downstairs on it’s own. James battled through patent litigation disputes, steel shortages, warehouse fires and

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