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Keeping Close To Home In the essay “Keeping Close to Home: Class Education” by Bell Hooks, she argues against the statement that “assimilation is the way to gain acceptance for those in power.” From her college experiences and from other examples, Bell argues that she survived by staying true to one’s cultural identity. In the beginning on page 219, her parents argued that there was no reason for her in leaving to a “high class” college like Stanford to just attend a “college nearby”, an all black college. I respect the fact Bell Hooks moved forward with her decision in leaving home, mainly for a better education. One can see that her parents may have feared that by going to this college could force her to change her way of thinking, the way she looks, and the way she talks, basically her whole identity. I could totally agree with that last sentence, I myself work in a very different society and I’m force on “putting on my costume.” I have learned on leaving behind the slag language once I step out my society, I don’t mind it but it gets complicated at times. Ms. Hooks on the next page, 220-221, explains her exposure to a whole new culture. She became disturbed when her peers would talk about their parents without respect, especially when they would make her feel very unfriendly because she couldn’t figure out how talking bad about one’s parents was considered normal. I became very disturbed because one thing my parents thought me was respect even if we hated them with all of our guts. In this essay Hooks makes a good point and made me want to relate with her in many struggles she went through. After discussing Bell Hooks with you of your horrible experience I eminently disliked her. In her text she seems like a totally different person from the one you mentioned to me, she seems honest and kind with heart, but I guess people do forget where they come

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