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The celebrity status is often correlated with the idea of wealth. This idea of wealth is commonly associated with selfishness. Although some wealthy people hold true to this stereotype, one can argue Justin Bieber is the complete opposite. When we look at Justin Bieber’s overall life, we can rule that he is more of a hero than a villain. Some say Bieber is selfish because he drives recklessly down the streets of Miami and gets in confrontations with paparazzi every once in a while (Sieczowski). The media seems to put a spotlight on this young man, making him seem more villainous than heroic. Unless you have read Justin Bieber’s books, “The First Step to Forever” or “Just Getting Started”, you may not know his complete story. Justin can be seen as a role model and a success story that more people should admire, not hate. This pop star dug himself, and his family, out of the depths of poverty (Bieber). One may see it as an understandable gesture, to buy a cheetah-print Audi after sleeping on a couch for most of your childhood (Todd)…. One may also admire the fact that this teenaged boy is one of the main partners in a profitable charity, Pencils of Promise, which helps build schools around the world (Sager). Some believe Justin Bieber is a villain because he has gotten a DUI and smokes marijuana but what they do not realize is that he has never physically hurt anyone in the process (Sieczowski). When you compare a DUI to the mass impact this one boy has made on the world, it is almost foolish to see him as anything but a hero. Justin Bieber was born March 1, 1994 in London, Ontario, Canada and was later raised in Stratford, Ontario,Canada (Bieber, 31). Many do not realize that Justin Bieber was not always rich . As a child, his mother, Pattie Mallette, worked a series of jobs, earning low income and raising Bieber as a single mother (Bieber, 31).

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