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Believe The beauty of language is the fact that an idea or an object can be described in so many different tongues which have evolved throughout history. Words can form in one language then be adopted and adapted by others. They can go through spelling changes, hold multiple different meanings, and even evaporate from existence. One word in particular which has developed over an extensive period of time is believe. Through its journey of time up until modern day, it has undergone drastic spelling changes from its original form due to its connection to multiple different languages such as Old English, Old Saxon, Middle English and an array of Germanic dialects. Even though the word itself has been modified, its meaning stays true to its original forms. Some of the timeless definitions include; to have faith in someone or something, and having an opinion or thinking of an idea. The history of believe brings us back to Germany, where the first documented root of the word was used. The first language believe was documented in is Proto-Germanic. In this dialect, the term used was “ga-laubjan” which means “to believe”. However when the term is properly translated, it actually means to “hold dear, love” ( From this point in time “ga-laubjan” has been revised as the German language transformed. For instance, in Old High German the variation was “gilouben”, which was modified in High German to “gelouban” and from there, altered in Early Modern German to “glauben”. In each German variation, there are sections of the words which stand out from the others and form comparable meanings to the original Proto-Germanic translation. In German, laub means dear and is closely related to leub which is life, lub, love (Oxford English Dictionary) and leubh, is the verb “to care, desire, and love” ( These subtle similarities

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