Beliefs vs Politics Essay

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Gov. 2305.038 Mr. Rogers 06/23/2013 Beliefs and Politics Beliefs and laws don’t go by the hand, am a catholic and a democratic and they are some laws I don’t agree with. I would prefer for politics to take more of god’s sayings into action, they are many examples immigration, abortion, same gender marriage and adultery. I do understand that we don’t all believe in the same things or in the same god for that matter, but with the separation of state and church this is what happened, we all expect something different from our government. Classical Conservatism could kept the state having the same believes but I see how that interferes with other cultures, is a struggle with our inner self that makes it hard to follow a government that goes against what we belief. Abortion is a huge topic, I’m one to belief that we all know what we are doing and we have to take responsibility for our actions, if having a child is not in your plans take precautions or just don’t have sex because it has consequences. Who is the government to decide if a baby does or doesn’t have the right to live, they are other alternatives other than abortion, there are many couples in a need of a child because they couldn’t have one of their own, to me adoptions is a better way out. I do understand that in case of a rape the women doesn’t want anything to do with the baby, and they especially don’t want to carry it for 9 months because they see it as a continually remainder of what happen to them, this type of scene make me doubt my religion, why should a women have to suffer like this, but then it makes me realize that there is a reason of why god lets things like this happen. In the other hand, who am I to judge someone for their actions, that is also part of my religion, I know we have to fight for what we believe in, but I seem a real hypocrite talking about someone’s life when am

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