Beliefs Of John Calvin And Ignatius Of Loyola

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Socorro Valladares World History Unit 3: Lesson 25 Assignment 12/06/2011 Beliefs of John Calvin and Ignatius of Loyola John Calvin was an influential figure during the Protestant Reformation, as well as one of the fathers of the Reformed branch of Protestant Christianity. Born in 1509 to an upper-class family, he spent his adolescent years studying for the priesthood. In 1528, he studied law and philosophy in Paris and Orleans, where he later grasped Theology and Greek studies. While in Orleans, he was exposed to the works of Martin Luther. Between 1528 and 1533 he experienced “sudden conversion” and grasped Protestantism. He described his experience as: “God subdued my soul to docility by a sudden conversion”. In 1536, his fist edition of his book entitled “Institutes of the Christian Religion” was published. It was in this book that he put his ideas about what people should believe when searching for answers about religion. This belief system was called Calvinism. This belief was based upon the absolute power and supremacy of god. He stated people were born sinful, only few would be saved (“The Elect”), and faith alone could win salvation. He also believed The Elect could never fall from grace. I think people were drawn to his beliefs because they were simple and he offered a pure translation of Christianity. Ignatius of Loyola was the influential leader of the Counter Reformation, and founded the Jesuits (the Society of Jesus). Born in Spain in 1491, to a noble wealthy family, he was educated as a knight, later joining the army. Wounded in May of 1521 while fighting the French, he underwent a spiritual conversion during recovery. In 1522 he went to the Shrine of Our Lady at Montserrat in Aragon and became a hermit, devoting hours each day to the prayer and tending to the sick and poor. Between 1523 and 1535 he spent his time learning Theology and Latin at
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