Beliefs In Opposition To Common Values Should Be Illegal

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Rehydn Montes English III Miss Freitez P.3 August 21, 2014 500 word essay Beliefs in opposition to common values should be illegal. I am going to have to disagree with that statement. The reason I love America so dearly is because I have a voice to be heard, and free will. When you imply this rule both of those go away. As people we should have the freedom to think and believe whatever we want, no one else should be able to tell you that what you think and believe is wrong or right in a sense that would make it illegal to believe that. In America this law is not implied and that is the reason that people from all different countries risk their lives to come to America. They want a new start where they can be themselves and believe what they want, the opposite of what this law/idea will do when implied. This is one of the reasons America is considered one of the greatest countries to live in.…show more content…
has more power over the masses. People who seek power such as Adolph Hitler or Joseph Stalin used this idea. And it served its purpose for them, they got the power they wanted. This law is very useful for leaders who seek complete power over people, there are even first world countries that do this today. Look at North Korea, they are forced to believe certain things which would be the “common value” and anyone who does not believe and shows it will be jailed, killed, tortured, who knows what. But their Leader has all the power he wants and this is the only thing that this law is beneficial
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