Beliefs About Life After Death Essay

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Beliefs about life after death Arguments for and against life after death Glossary Immortality of the soul Rebirth Reincarnation Resurrection Review of key ideas Revision Revision tips Introduction In this section of our course we are going to examine the philosophical concept of life after death. We shall examine the arguments in favour and against and then we will look at some of the concepts of life after death. Arguments for and against life after death In the course of our studies we have also come across the concept of eternal life as an answer to some of the problems that confront philosophers. John Hick uses the concept of `eschatological justification' as a solution to the problem of evil and many other philosophers fall back on the existence of an after life in an attempt to find solutions to some of the issues. Although we are going to look at this topic in terms of a Christian approach we must also recognise the views of other faiths, and their value to such a study. When considering any topic it is always important to define the terms. At first thought ‘death’ might seem easy to define. We could all agree that it is ‘the complete and permanent cessation of all vital functions in a living creature’. Probably all philosophers would agree with this, but many would claim that this is not the end of life. Many claim that we continue in some way after death. There are many ideas about how we do this. Here are a few notions: | |The continuation of our genes in our children and in our descendants | |[p| | |ic| | |] |

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