Beliefs About Conflict

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Weather we recognize it or not, conflict will always play an integral role in our lives, our relationships and society. Conflicts cause pain and suffering, but can also be attributed to many of humanities achievements. Conflicts in land, wealth, religion and political pride probably have the most impact on a national scale and although conflicts like these can often cause the innocent to suffer, its conflicts like these that can inspire a nation or even the world to change. I have never cared for the incoherent, prepubescent, babble of my peers in high school. High school is a fountain of wealth when it comes to drama, but I decided to sit out on the apparent life changing drama. For me, this was fine, but eventually led to my own intra-personal conflict as it was hard for me to relate to my peers. I avoided the drama of high school, not because I was afraid, but because I felt it was unnecessary and of no importance to me. High school is when people discover who they are and although I never really involved myself in any of the drama, I learnt that I could approach conflict in a calm and logical manner through other means of learning. I haven’t experienced allot of conflict on an inter-personal level, but I still feel that the experiences I have had are valid and worth some recognition. One of the most important conflicts of my life (so far) was my intra-personal conflict to discover myself. Before I discovered classical guitar and bodybuilding, I wallowed in self despair and drifted in and out of depression. To me, the world was a cruel place, ravaged by war, poverty, disease and genocide. I only focused on the bad things. I was an extremely negative and pessimistic person because I did not know how to deal with the emotions I was experiencing. The discovery of classical guitar probably saved my life and bodybuilding taught me a great deal about
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