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Do you believe that certain group or types of people should have more privileges than other groups or types? Use real life examples to help you come to your beliefs. People are born into the world differently. They have different backgrounds and different mindsets when maturing. These include things such as their culture, heritage, norms and their abilities. I will be commenting on the fact of homes and the place of birth, the physical and mental well being and minority in our community such as elderly and ex-convicts. Many are born into rich countries, rich families and a immaculate and loving environment. On the other extreme of the spectrum, many are also born in dull, poor countries that struggle to even go through each day. Many times come to those in good a loving these places, privileges include money, home, tuition and even stable economy for easy setting up of businesses. These are considered privileges in these places. However, in less developed countries, things such as shoes, warmth, shelter and clothing is the world to them and could mean the life or death of that person. Due to the inversion of nature in these two places, the urban setting demand much more and therefore require much help to thrive in these environments. This, ‘privileges’ as somewhat more required at these places. In these less developed countries, what are considered necessities such as food, water, clothing and shelter are the main topic and buzz of the day while fro the more developed countries, these are all given and what are seen as “necessities” are things such as a job, money, education, and even clothing which is fitting to society. An example could include Somalia. In this country, many are only looking for food and water and sometimes go crazy for it. This is why Somalia is known as a country with many pirates. They become pirates in order to survive in

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