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What does it mean to be “well-educated”? 1. With all of the debating, articles, and focus on education these days it is easy for one to get confused. When you hear the words “well-educated”, what does that even mean anymore? Is it knowing a lot of facts? Is it being able to recall information easily? Is it the ability to apply what you have learned to everyday life? Throughout this paper, I will explain my interpretation of what being “well-educated” means to me. 2. It seems that most of what you hear about education is criticism and skepticism. Whether you speak to educators or non-educators, you will hear that most think the traditional model of education seems to be broken and ineffective. Advances in technology have “knocked down” the four walls of the traditional classroom setting. Students are no longer looking to a teacher for all of the information. Most of what I hear about education in my community is negative. We start children in school at a very young age due to fears that they may “fall behind” or “not be on target” in relation to their peers. We require them to site in a classroom that follows the same format as a classroom from the 1800’s. This includes, 4 walls, desks, a teacher facilitating the lesson, and little ears and eyes tuning in and out. We now classify children with acronyms like ADD or ADHD. I remember a time when ADD meant add, not Attention Deficit Disorder. Children are blessed with energy that many adults no longer possess, which makes sitting in a classroom for long periods of time almost like torture. They just want to get up and move around and be interactive; however, we continue to restrict this for them. 3. I am curious to why children must start school at such a young age? Why can’t we, as a society, agree to let them stay home for the first 6 years of their life and then let them begin school? I

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