Being Tall Essay

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Being Tall I am not one among those skinny models staging a beauty pageant, nor one among those sports women participating in any spectacular sports event. Let me tell you. I am just another young Indian woman with above average height. Well, being tall is certainly considered an asset in our home town. But what if I reveal the disadvantages of being tall from my perspective?? This thought itself sounds so silly and completely child-like. But I am desperately trying to make some sense here!! Let me start from the beginning. Exactly two decades ago, I was a kindergarten kid just like any other. The day I stepped into my classroom I noticed a great deal of a difference in the environment. It was an “all-girls” school. And oh my God!! I was the tallest girl in my class. As a result of which I had to occupy the last bench in my class. I hated it, but did not know the reason then. At that time, I was too young to realize the upcoming troublesome issues. Days, months and years, passed by quiet harmoniously. Until one day, in my third grade, I faced a storming situation. We had a Japanese dance programme during the school cultural show. I was given an “umbrella” as my prop just because I was tall. All the other girls had in their hands a very lucrative and colorful hand-made Japanese “fans”. I was so very disappointed. I hated the plain old black umbrella in my hand. Four years later, in my seventh grade, I was given the role of “chacha Nehru” for the Annual Day celebration. I hated it too because all my friends were in the “super six singing squad”. Putting all the extra curricula aside, the academics were getting more and more serious and complex with mathematics, physical sciences and biology. I was still seated in the “last-bench” and found it very difficult to follow up my teacher’s lessons or even to look at her pretty face. As if, these were not
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