Being on Time

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Being on time is important for many reasons. It is important because it shows your dependability. Being on time also shows integrity and dependability. It also shows your discipline. Being late is also a selfish act. Being on time shows your dependability. Especially at the police academy, you are expected to be on time to everything that you do. When you are late to work as a police officer, you are not there to cover your district. If you are not there to cover your district then no one is there to deter crime and help the civilians that need the help. Also, if a crime were to happen while you are not there in your district, then the criminal could escape and still be out there committing other crimes. Punctuality also shows integrity. When we came through the orientation class, we were told that class starts at 0800. We were also told that being early is being on time, and being on time is being late. With that I understood that being late was unacceptable. We agreed to come to the academy and it was understood that we would at the very least be on time. So being on time shows that we are people of our word. If someone can’t trust you to simply be on time, then how can they trust you with much more important issues such as deciding what to do during a life threatening or arrest situation. With integrity also comes dependability. If you are on time then people know that they can depend on you. Being late is selfish. When you are late, you are putting your needs ahead of your teammates. Because you couldn’t get up early enough to get to work on time, you are making everyone else get punished for your inability to manage your time. It says that your needs, be it sleep or whatever personal problems you had, are more important to you than the needs of your team. Being on time shows your discipline. Time management is not the easiest skill to acquire and
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