Being on a Team Essay

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Angel Phifer- Punch October 26, 2011 Language Arts Being on a team is something that takes hard work and determination. I don’t participate in sports or most other activities that involve a lot of team effort, so I don’t know everything that may go on between teammates. Being part of a team can be good at times, but very bad at others. Being on a team has great rewards and can make an activity much easier. When you’re on a team, every teammate must work together, as if you where a unit. This makes it so that if a single player can’t do something, whether can’t do it at all or they just need a bit of help, changes are there’ll be someone else willing to assist them. This can also be a problem considering the fact that not everyone may get along with everyone else. Another thing about teams is that they generally have uniforms. I personally like uniforms on occasion, rather than dress code, but not everyone enjoys this. You also learn that you must work at a certain pace when you’re on a team. This is good for the coach because it helps them keep the children’s progress organized and they can be sure that everyone knows everything required to participate, but this could be, once again, a problem. Most kids that start a team are already experienced and would rather not have to start from the beginning, and there are other kids that learn slower than others. One of the great things about joining a team is that you can easily find potential friends, and even catch up with old ones. Teammates help each other out, so, for example, if you forget to bring a snack for practice, someone else might have extra food. There are still teams that have mostly completely inexperienced members, and a good thing about being on a team is that you’re sure to learn everything you need to know. Some

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