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BEING IN LOVE Platonic love is like an inactive volcano. Andre Pevost What comes to your mind when you hear the word LOVE? For me when I hear the word love the first thing that comes to my mind is sacrificed? Why? Because I simply think about Jesus who offer his life to us just to save us from our sins. Have you ever been in love to your best friend? For me yes, because based from my experience I fell in love to my best friend. But its hard to confessed to my best friend that I love her so much, because I'm afraid that she will refuse me. For me being in love to your best friend expect the positive and negative effect to your relationship. For me these are the positive effect of loving your best friend, first she serve as your inspiration in achieving your goal in life. Even though your goal is very hard to achieve she always there to inspire you, another is you will know her better about her personality so this can result to a good and strong relationship, that will last long even you will encounter problems and trials , I know that you will stand because you lay a good foundation to your relationship. If there are positive effect of loving your best friend. Expect also the negative side. If your best friend knows that you love her expect this, one she may break your relationship as best friend because she expect you that your relationship is best friend only. And she will limit her time to you that can affect your relationship. As a conclusion in loving your best friend expect the borders and barriers in your relationship. But for me I would like to share my own opinion, for me best friend is best friend and nothing should exist more. TRUE LOVE ALWAYS WAIT , FORGIVES AND SACRIFICED BUT SOMETIMES NO MATTER HOW TRUE THE LOVE IS IT , IT WILL DEFINITELY COME TO A POINT WHEN IT WILL

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