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David Nguyen English 1301.3 9/18/2012 Essay #1 Being Grounded vs. Being in Jail One Friday night you snuck out with a couple of friends to go to a party your parents ruled that you aren't allowed to go to. After a long night of fun, you sneak back into your home laughing on the inside to see that you got away with your scheme. The next morning, you see a note on your door saying, “You’ve been caught and you’re grounded, Love Mom” and you also notice that the TV, computer, and your cell phone are missing. Luckily you've gotten home safely and are not thrown in jail for under aged drinking. Although being grounded and being in jail are two entirely different types of punishment, these two aspects are also different in terms of living situation, company, and state of sanity. Some would say being grounded is 'The end of the world', but in reality it is way better than what it is made out to be. Being grounded, the living situation changes in terms of entertainment, but the environment in the home as a whole doesn't. Of course a few privileges may have been taken away from your parents, such as not having a TV, a cell phone, or internet, but individuals are still confined in a environment they're very well accustomed and…show more content…
The living situation is significantly different, the company you would have in the two aspects vary, and the state of sanity in these situations are different as opposed to coping. Given that being grounded has the same likeability of being in jail; being grounded is very much the positive choice as opposed to being in jail. Jail is highly unlikely to give you a positive outlook about one's life in comparison to being grounded. Suppose you were caught for doing something wrong by your parents; would you rather be grounded for a week or spend several nights in
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