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Being a Doctor Essay

  • Submitted by: hsb12
  • on November 19, 2008
  • Category: Social Issues
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Harman Singh Biring
Professor McQueary
Seminar in Composition
October 7, 2008
Career of a Physician
I know becoming a doctor is no easy task but I do know that it is the right career field for me.   I grew up in a traditional Indian family practicing the religion of Sikhism. Like my father, I wear a turban on my head and grow out all my hair.   Getting a job in America is very difficult for us.   We could be the most qualified person for the job but having a turban on our head puts us 10 spots back.   My grandfather, an educated man and son of an Indian Army General, came to California and struggled to find a job that paid well and that he enjoyed.   After years of hard work and continuous let downs he was able to purchase a few acres of land with the money he saved up.   Eventually those few acres became hundreds and hundreds of acres.   With the money he was making he now was able to send my father to medical school, which was a dream of my grandfather’s and my father’s.   He did not want his son to struggle like he did.   He did not want his son to be treated the way he was by the people he worked for.   I see my father now and the way he is truly enjoying his life and I would like the same thing.   Although I would like to specialize in something different than him, my father being a Radiologist and me wanting to specialize in Anesthesiology, the advantages are the same.   This career field offers great job security, prestige and respect from everyone, high salary, investment opportunities, you can be your own boss, and most importantly you get to help others. And for those reasons I believe being a doctor is a very good career choice.  
I believe job security is the number one advantage when it comes to being a doctor.   You can find a job anywhere and anytime.   The truth of the matter is people are going to keep getting sick so no matter what, a doctor will always have patients.   There is always going to be a demand for doctors to treat the sick and injured.   In...

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