Being Computer Literate

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Being computer literate is a must in today’s society. Everywhere around us computers are being used, you find them in schools, cars, airports, shopping centers, toys, medical devices, homes, and in many people’s pockets. The true meaning of being computer literate means being familiar enough with computers that you understand their capabilities and limitations, and you know how to use them. It’s important to be computer literate when searching for a job because now a day’s computers are there number source and employers depend on computers to get the work done. In today’s time a bunch of industries are using computer’s to get the work done, and if they haven’t started using computers yet they soon will be. Some industries that use computers are business, arts, education, legal system, agriculture and sciences. With the business industry they gather a lot of data, whether its names, numbers, address, birthdates, etc. To keep all this information organized they use this program called Excel. Excel can get pretty complicated but if your computer literate it help you get around the program easier than if you where computer illiterate. Also some businesses use computers for inventory up-keep, to see how many more products they need to purchase and how many products they have sold. Computers are a big help to keep track of packages being shipped across the United States. When it comes to the arts industry a lot of people don’t expect that computers are a big asset and very rewarding at the end. By being computer literate it gives you a chance t advertise your art work online, it also helps you contract art galleries to convince them to purchase or display your art work. Also photographers use this program called Photoshop to edit and make pictures look more beautiful and sometime to delete the flaws of the subject. Also the video gaming industry depends solely on
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