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Being Boring Essay

  • Submitted by: jasminelitmon
  • on October 22, 2013
  • Category: English
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Jasmine Litmon
Dr. David Floyd
English: 111
October 11, 2013
Being Boring Essay

Neil Tenant, Anurag Tiwari and Wendy Cope are three contemporary writers. Although they are almost a generation apart in age, they all have displayed remarkable similarities in their lives. Each has written about life fading away, growing up, past experiences and inspirations that kept them uplifted in rough times. Mr. Tenant talked about his experiences through his music in a song called Being Boring by the Pet Shop Boys. Mrs. Cope related hers experience through a poem called Being Boring and Mr. Anurag Tiwari speaks about his experiences through his poem called That’s Not the End. Even though they share similar backgrounds, each has a unique style which gives the listener, the gift of their exquisite humanity through the lyrics, views and differences.
In the roaring 1920’s, it was all about opulent morality and individuals time to be wealthy. This song Being Boring was reflected by Neil Tenant closest friend that died from AIDS and it’s about their lives as teenagers and how they moved to London together. The title of this song also came from a Zelda Fitzgerald quotation, “She was never bored mainly because she was not boring”. Neil Tenant’s main ideal behind this song was that he wanted to show people that as one grows older, their perception and values change from when they were younger. His friend and Zelda motivated him to write this song so he could help others.
Wendy Copes poem Being Boring was about looking into the past and reminiscing about the things she experience in her life. Now that she settled down, she is content and she does not have to worry about anything. She used this poem to express her feelings and emotions to show her listeners how much she grew and overcame. When life’s struggles try to knock one down you must get back up fight. Then one can be satisfied.
Finally, Anurag Tiwari’s poem that was called That’s Not the End was about life in general....

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