Being Beleivebly Human Essay

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Professor Hofer ENC1102 January 25, 2014 In "Eleven" by Sandra Cisnero's, Rachel's insecurity's and desire to be more grown up are characterized. Rachel explains the events of her embarrassing eleventh birthday though she is so young, she explains the ups and downs of growing up very accurately. Her age is obvious when reading, with the use of many similies to describe crying as "Little animal noises" and "uncontrollable hiccups". Shes always an inch away from shedding a lapse of tears and she states that by saying Her confidence is "rattling like pennies in a tin Band-Aid Box". Though the way she speaks in the story doesn't ignore the fact she is eleven, comments such ass "smells like cottage cheese" are bits of her own personality. Rachel is smart and curious, because she describes things such ass runaway balloons she is a believable 11 year old girl. at first Rachel shows that many of her thoughts are of that of a typical eleven year old but then it becomes more prevalent that her ability to describe her emotions and actions are significant more mature. However because she is so innocent she misses the deeper meanings of her feelings, she doesn't say she is looking forward to cake and going home but never reviles her need for comfort from her parents, on the other hand, unlike alot of older people, she knows enough about life experience and adult maturity to know she does not have enough. she mentions multiple times she wishes to be one-hundred and two so she can have that experience and wisdom. At Rachel young age of Eleven, she understands that with life experience comes knowledge and confidence. while these are great thoughts her greatest understanding is of age. She has an understanding of the things people learn and characteristics they have from ages they have passed. Rachel understands that even though she may be eleven she can cry like shes 3 and

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