Being a Single Mother in Today's Society

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Being A Single Mother in today’s Society Brooke Frank Essay One Baker College 1 Single mother Mothers are arguably some of the biggest multi-taskers in the world today. I am a combination of nurturer, caregiver, teacher, nurse, disciplinarian, cheerleader and more. In short being a single mother in today’s society you have to deal with endless mixed emotions and responsibilities, fortunately there are organizations out there that are willing to help. My situation is like a lot of single mothers out there not only am I responsible for taking care of another human being, but I’m also responsible for maintaining a full time job and part time schooling. I’m also responsible for playing both mother and father figure in my child’s life. The sheer amount of responsibilities that mothers have to juggle on a daily bases are sometimes overwhelming. In short there are the rough, not so good days when the frustration sets in. During these times, I consistently remind myself of my reason for doing this never ending balancing act. This is to provide a better life for my kids. Sometimes, my assignment and work have to take a backseat to more pressing needs like feeding her, cleaning her or taking care of her when she’s sick. My social life is non-existent as a result. However, there are a lot of organization’s out there to help struggling mothers. For instance some college’s offer scholarships and special grants to single mothers. Your local Department of Human Services, if within income guidelines will help pay for daycare while you attend school or work. Most cities and states offer the Women, Infant, and child program that provides vouchers for eggs, milk, fruits, cereal, and peanut butter. In closing, I see my role as a single mother as a supreme challenge. It tests my courage, patience, and my strength on a daily basis where I question and doubt myself and

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