Being a Princess Again Essay

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Being A Princess Twice Born in a meek, four-children family and being favored with an adequate life, I used to have nothing to do but innocently acknowledged that I had my parents as a firm foundation, for which I did not have any to worry about. However, I sometimes found some strange feelings coming from deep in my soul, telling me I should not think like that, or something bad would arrive to me. I was keeping that in mind as a thoughtful reminder. Starting everyday in the same manner with full of laughter and happiness, I enjoyed my day first with a nutritious breakfast that my mom had prepared and made it ready on the table, calling me hurry up if I did not want to be late to school. "Late, late, I am going to be late!" was like the most often opening word of mine. Leaving from home only five minutes earlier before school began and having to ride my bicycle five miles away there, I was often grumbled by my mom. "Will you ever get rid of your that bad, unchangeable habit, ever?" She noticed I kept gluing my eyes to the clock, waiting for every second passing by, and only when grass grows under my feet, I would bounce myself up and clumsily put my shoes on. I felt like I was a spoiled daughter and a bad model big sister to my siblings every time I re-made this mistake and upset my mom, yet habit was still habit. Continuing my laches, I ignored spending some money, for which I asked my parents everyday, to buy notebooks and input them into the school's fund raising as a form of tardy punishment. Arriving at the school's gate, I was immediately halted by a guardian- a gray man in a . As a task, he was asking my name, class, and student number and recorded it down. I had no word to speak when he gave me a sarcastic compliment: "You are on time as always, 5 minutes later the school begins." I am on time? Yes, I am on time, yet not with that meaning. I

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