Being a Leader

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Being a leader is more than being in charge or calling the shots. It’s a skill that only certain characters can master. A leader must be demanding, motivating, and be responsible for a culture of passion and strong work ethics. . Playing volleyball helped me realize that I have the personality fit for a leader. I started playing at a very young age compared to most girls. With the help of beginners luck and my parent’s genes, I started out as a stronger player. As I grew to love the sport more and more, I started to play more competitively by joining a local club team. When middle school volleyball started I was well above the average player, so naturally I was dubbed the team captain. This is when my sense of leadership really started to kick in. Most practices I was running the drills rather than the coach and at games I was always trying to pick the team up. Even though in this situation my skill made me a leader, being a true leader doesn’t require phenomenal skill. Eventually girls in my age group were finally starting to catch up, some even exceeding me and I was no longer the best. I might not have admitted it, but I knew I was getting passed up. To me this wasn’t discouraging, it was a challenge. So what if I wasn’t the best, I didn’t let it affect my mental state. I continued to play and love the game while also continuing to be a leader. I believe this kind of mindset is what separates the leaders from the followers. My competitive drive is what allowed me to be such an effective player. Practices, tournaments, and seasons go by and now its senior year. This is the season in a high school career that really matters, so I am determined to make the most of it, starting by getting team captain. I step up my game as well as my leadership to prove to my coach that I am the right choice for the position. Fortunately, all of my work paid off and
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