Being a Hero Isnt That Hard Anymore Essay

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Being A Hero Isn’t That Hard Anymore. To the Ancient Greeks a hero was someone who was undefeatable, godly, and sophisticated in all aspects… but in today’s modern society our views have changed. A hero has become something entirely different. A hero is defined as a person, typically a man, who is admired or idealized for courage, outstanding achievements, or noble qualities. Our view has evolved into a new form of hero that is simpler in every way. It is easier to become a hero. The ancient Greeks formed the divine ideal of a hero long ago but as the world changed and evolved we progressed toward a simpler form of hero that is flawed, relatable, weak and more realistic as well as involved in our society. Modern American heroes have become more flawed, weak and dependable on their surrounding society. In the article, “From ‘Love Kitten’ to child literacy”, by an unknown source at CNN World, an Ethiopian man from a rough background describes his efforts to give back to his homeland, “I just wanted to come back to Ethiopia and help children have a future, have hope”, said Yohannes Gebregerogis. We believe now that a hero doesn’t need to be a powerful figure or royal in any way shape or form, they can be insignificant in many people’s eyes but still able to be a hero in some. We see a hero differently. A hero isn’t defined by their stature in a community but by what they give back. In the article, “Rescue operation aims to save a wounded warrior” by Luis Sinco, he expresses his subjects dependability on him and the journey they take together to help James Blake Miller after the war in Iraq. Miller never understood, “‘what made me so special that I deserved to stay here and my buddies didn’t?’ Miller asked, speaking of friends who had died. ‘At one point, I was almost mad at them. How could my buddies leave me like that? We came together. We were supposed to leave

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