Being a Hero!

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Being a Hero Speech Essay This is a speech of a man persuading the members of the audience into becoming a hero. He does not just go on ranting about becoming a hero, but he successfully describe what it takes to be a hero or examples of them. This is important in persuasive speeches because if the audience does not know what the speaker is talking about, then there is no purpose behind the speech. He does well in describing what a hero is and that is someone who is known for his feats of courage with a sense of nobility in purpose. This persuasive speech had a good attention-getter and a clear preview or purpose statement that leads smoothly into the speech. This can also be someone known for their achievements in their specific field such as the heroes in environmental activism and land conservation who has conserved over 2 million acres of wilderness in Chile and Argentina, more than any other private individual. A characteristic is that heroes are also those who sacrifice their bodies for no personal gain. This is a successful video because the speaker gives the audience a morale boost while he describes how they can be heroes. He then uses examples of “heroes” that are just regular Joes. This creates a connection with the audience because most likely, the members of the audience are just regular people. He uses examples of those who sacrificed themselves during 9/11 as well as just Frodo from Lord of the Rings who was just a 4 foot tall hobbit. He also makes his purpose clearer or his topic and word choices more relevant to his specified audience, subsequently he gives reasons as to why to be a hero and that is because it ultimately improves the community as well as the self. In the end, he uses a catchy line that people can go over in their heads to persuade them even more. ” Heroes come and heroes go. Heroes have died and heroes have grown old. For someone
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