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Being a Good Student Essay

  • Submitted by: houston2010
  • on June 16, 2012
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What makes me a good student?
Being a good student is more than studying, showing up to every lecture or memorizing subjects but is the combination of hard-working , focusing on my   vision and dreams that pushes me   day after day to do what it takes in order to   live upon one’s life expectation.
Currently,   I came to realize that it takes more than a dream to succeed in school, especially as a mature, family person, and online student. It‘s so challenging to manage work, family, and online courses. In this case, we needed self motivation, orientation, and determination in order to be a successful student.
College is a place that opens one’s mind widely; a place where we explore and given an opportunity to engage within the orientation set for specific intellectual education.   As people always says” Education is the key”
I believe a good college student is one who can pass through the concept of managing the theory and practice of a pedagogic interest without leaving behind the energy and enthusiasm to learn. If   the student put a sufficient energy in practice and converge with the aim of all the entity including student, the college, and the intellectual material given; the results is the new transformed life into   a knowledgeable and skilled   individual who will interpret both the intellectual knowledge and the really world.  
I am trying to imagine an article that I read couple month ago illustrate exactly what I just mentioned about the vision and determination in what a good college student [second person] want to achieve. The article says” Doing science versus becoming a scientist”; this research was examining 10/11-year-old schoolchildren’s constructions of science through the lens of identity. It continued saying that “The concern about students' engagement with school science and the numbers pursuing the further study of science is an international phenomenon and a matter of considerable concern among policies. Research has demonstrated that the...

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