Being a Good Parent Essay

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Being a Good Parent Being a parent is not easy because it leaves one with the accountability of someone else behavior and personality. Parents are considered to be responsible for not only raising their children but also ensuring that they turn out to be well groomed personality. The criteria of good parent which has been established by the society is strange, the parents get acknowledgement of being good parents on the basis of the everyday activities and behavior of their child. It does not matter ones race, age, nationality, or gender, anyone can take on the challenge of being a parent or in this case a good parent. One must become a good parent by taking responsibility for, teaching, and loving their own. Raising children is a demanding job as parents have to be patient, dedicated and focused so that their child could develop into successful person. The responsibility or duty of parents to build the personality of their child starts from the very first day, they are there when the child takes his or her first step, they are there when the child speaks the first word, when the child goes to school first time, and they are there with their child till the end of their life. Good parents are those who are always there to encourage their children and help them in becoming what they want to be (Gross). Parents hold the most important place in the lives of their children and in the development of the overall personality of the children, as they are the first source of information and learning. It is a normal phenomenon that most of the children idealize their parents; hence good parents are those who lead by example and teach their children at every step of life. Parents teach their children the norms and values and they teach them love, respect, language, in short parents teach the way to live the life. In order to be a good parent one has to be strict and loving

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