Being a Good Boss

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Being the Boss: Life-Blood of the Business You run in late for work the second time this week, sliding past your bosses door unseen. A little while later, your boss emergences from his office headed straight to your desk. How will he react, What will he do? Ten percent of life is what happens to us; the other ninety percent is how you react. The reaction of your bosses will alter the way you work and the way you perceive the work environment. In essence, Managers heavily influence the moral of the work place. Bosses are the “Head Honcho” or the “Numero Uno”. What ever they say goes. All bosses want to be great, it just doesn’t always happen like that. Its common knowledge to have a good business it takes a great work environment and having good product of course. Manager to employee relationships are vital in maintaining a happy work place. If something within the equation is a little off they it can steer a business straight into the ground. In any cases Bosses and workers must be “In the Same book” not necessarily “On the same page”. They must work for a common goal and most importantly work together. Sometimes that common goal can never be attained. Worker and Boss never see eye to eye. That failed communication is all apart of being a bad leader. Bad Bosses are like Justin Beiber, they are horrible and you can’t seem to get away from them. Bad bosses fail to recognize that “ employees rank time pressures, deadlines, office politics and their bosses as the top stress-inducing factors at work”(Obes.Fits. Well.week 1); These are all elements that a good manager should be able to control. A bad boss will continue to press the issue without any regard for what the employee may feel about the project. That same manager would be insensitive to the pressure being placed on those employees. “ The ability to cope with stress plays a large role in employee
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