Behind the Jealousy Spirit

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Behind the jealousy spirit The motif jealousy, turn and return through out the first ten chapters, serves as a leading thread to the death of Genji’s mother Kiritsubo, his lover Yugao and his wife Aoi. Murasaki Shikibu, consciously or unconsciously depict a problem universal to the Heian polygynous society, consorts and mistresses are prone to fits jealousy. As story goes by, a more aggressive form to express female grievance transform their jealousy into esoteric spirit possession. As we deepen into the understanding of where the jealousy coming from and why it turns to spirit possession, we find that the jealousy not only exert on the possessor Rokujo but also on the possessed Yugao and Aoi. Furthermore, the possession experiences of female Genji protagonists may not only be a conflict among women, but also centers on Genji, who was a target of male predominance. The formidable power of jealousy arises as soon as the story begins. Since Genji’s mother Kiritsubo enjoys exceptional favor among all the consorts, she suffers from the “nasty surprise” and “humiliations”( 4) while later “The growing burden of resentment” (3) affects her health and become a fatal bow. Apart from Kokiden’s malice, we may catch a glimpse of the polygynous Heian court. The denouement of Kiritsubo seems to foreshadowing the fates of Genji’s ladies who later would be dragged into the swirl of jealousy. Jealousy has been regarded as the major force behind spirit possession in Genji. When the emotion growing to an intense level, it rage out of control and wreak a wounded psyche. The case is seen mostly through Genji’s eyes. Yugao is the first victim of spirit possession or in another word--jealousy. Some people condemned Rokujo as a culprit, since her image flashed in Genji’s mind and resentful words when the possession happened. And, considering her obvious jealousy to
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