Behind The Curtain Essay

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Behind the curtain "Those, who follow my articles, know what I think about Jose Mourinho. He is a great manager, but sometimes behaves in a manner that does not suit a man of his age and a man with a family. Especially - if we consider that everything he does is unprecedently followed by the press, what is inevitable in a club like Real Madrid," - wrote Alfredo Relano, the editor of AS, some time ago in January. "But this does not mean that everything against Mourinho is acceptable. In the return leg of the Copa Del Rey 1/8 final against Levante, fans were chanting: "Die Mourinho!". And the referee did not even mention this in his protocol after the match. I do not deny - Mou admires provoking others. This explains the negative attitude towards him and Real Madrid. But explaining does not yet mean fairness. Nobody can justify such impudence, which is unacceptable because of many reasons, even when we are talking about Mourinho". It is true. Definitely true. The "Special One" just can not do without this stuff - provocations, scandals, etc. - not because he loves it, but because he NEEDS it, he benefits from it. The Real Madrid manager thinks that football has become too important to leave it to footballers. So he created a character that can attract any team, any person. His creation is a communicative phenomenon. Jose Antonio Pascual, vice-president of the Royal Spanish Academy, is a person who does not watch television, because he thinks this invention does not allow him to do what he must do - read books. He is one of the few persons in Spain who do not know what Mourinho says. "I saw him only once," - recalls professor Pascual , - "I did not listen to him, but something caught my attention - his gaze. This is a great material for Semiotic analysis". And the result of this analysis is no surprise - Mourinho has great talant in communication. "I

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