Behaviour Modification Essay

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I live in a residence in Brampton West. On one Thursday morning, I took a walk to observe the issues around my neighbourhood. Between the detached houses and the semidetached houses, to my surprise I notice a brief argument between a waste collector and a woman who was complaining of having three waste bags, but the waste collector only took two waste bags and tagged the other one. Moreover, I noticed a new school was built in the neighbourhood and the old one was being upgraded and the crossing was painted bold for safe crossing. In my neighbourhood, there are newly built parks for relaxation and the old one was updated. Also, the people feel safe to review their identity without any concern or fear. I notice my neighbourhood was safe for the GLBT people, women and children. However, I found out that there is no racial discrimination, sexual orientation, or aging discrimination things going on my neighbourhood. One of the most interesting things I found was that people walk around freely and communicate with one another. The system theory is responsible for the most tangible issues that exist in this neighbourhood. These are health care and economic issues. Brampton has the lowest number of health services and we need a second hospital. Brampton has a shortage of doctors and nurses and one in five Brampton residents do not have a family doctor. Brampton is a manufacturing city and many small businesses are located here. After the recession, many people in my neighbourhood lost their job. For example, my next door neighbour who has been working for twenty-five years lost his job. The only job he could find was a part-time or temporary job. He is now living on a paycheque that is not stable; it will be easier for Brampton if employers are hiring full time workers. This neighbourhood has no issues with violence. The only problem I found was the snow

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