Behaviour Is Learnt Essay

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All Behavior is learnt Learning Behaviors When you look at nature, different species are born in different stages of their readiness to tackle this planet. Mountain goats, once born, take a couple of minutes to get their balance, and the next thing you know, they are skipping around happily! Fish can swim immediately as well. So, depending on the species, the “apprenticeship” has a different time frame. Now, the longest of all these apprenticeships is served by the human being! When we are born, the only thing we are equipped to do is scream, eat and soil ourselves. What does this mean? The human being has to learn about one of the most complex social structures on the planet, has to master language and the very complicated task of walking, and then comes school and all the other good stuff. However, at the very beginning, we are basically blank sleights, waiting to be imprinted with all the necessary information we need to survive in todays environment. Another distinguishing feature to our species is the life long learning process we are engaged in. Basically, we never stop learning, even though the learning curve is steepest at the beginning. The fact that we are blank sleights also means that we learn all our bad habits, annoying behaviors, and our psychological illnesses (given, some people are born with birth defects). To me, this means that things like depression, ADHD, etc are learnt behaviors! Show me a depressed baby…. The good new is that if all this stuff is learnt, we can also unlearn it and teach ourselves better things. We can teach our brain and mind to do exactly what we want them to. This of course not only involves a conscious effort, but also unconscious involvement, as all behaviors, learnings and changes are unconscious (soon, more on that). So, maybe we just have to
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