Behavioral Theories Essay

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Behavioral Theories Leadership is the process of influencing others toward achievement of goals. In leadership there are more than one theory that can describe the process of leadership and the styles of the leaders. Behavioral theories are from leadership theories that differentiate between the effective leaders from ineffective leaders. Behavioral Theories are included three studies, which are: * University of Iowa Studies * The Ohio State Studies * University of Michigan Studies A bout the first studies, University of Iowa Studies, these studies is talking about three leadership behaviors or styles: Democratic, Autocratic and Laissez-faire. A leader with Democratic style tends to involve employees in decision making, encourage participation in deciding work methods and goals, and use feedback as an opportunity to coach employees. A leader with Autocratic style tends to centralize authority, dictate work methods, make unilateral decisions, and limit employee participation, and there is huge degree of dependence on the leader in making decisions. A leader with Laissez-faire style generally gives his or her employees complete freedom to make decisions and to complete their work in whatever way they see fit, without interfere from the leader. The second study in the behavioral theories, the Ohio State Studies. It has two dimensions: * Consideration: Being consideration of followers’ ideas and feelings, and to be a relationship characterized by trust between the leader and his/her followers. * Initiating structure: structuring the work and define the role of the employees in order to attain the goals. The third study in behavioral theories, the University of Michigan. Also it has two styles for leaders: * Employee-oriented: emphasized interpersonal relations, and taking a personal interest in the needs of employees. *

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