Behavior modifications Essay

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Variables: There are two types of variables: dependent and independent variable. A dependent variable is the one whose out come is dependent on the independent variable while an independent variable is manipulated so as to observe changes in the dependent variable. The study seeks to explore two main variables i.e. health, being the dependent variable and physical exercise being the independent variable. Thesis statement There is a strong relationship between health fitness and physical exercise. According to a study performed by researchers at the Center for Disease Control and Prevention found out that people who engaged in physical exercise had fewer hospital stays and doctor visits and were on less medication than physically inactive people. Recent research studies have shown that various physical exercises may account for between 15-40% of the calories a person burns. The same research also showed that a gain of 10-20 pounds resulted in an increased risk of coronary heart disease of 1.6 times in men and 1.25 in women. Being overweight exacerbate many chronic conditions such as elevated cholesterol, hypertension, type 2 diabetes, cancer (kidney endometrial, breast cancer, esophageal, and postmenopausal) and stroke. Clinical research has shown that regular physical exercise has a beneficial effect on symptoms of anxiety and depression, prevents depressive illness, and also stimulates the growth of new brain cells that enhance memory and consequently learning. Physical exercise also reduces the risk of cognitive decline in aging people. Engaging in physical activity can promote social skills such as communication, socialization, teamwork, leadership and self-discipline among the participants. On the other hand lack of recreational activity may contribute to anti-social behavior such as drug abuse, truancy, engaging in gang related activities. Research

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